Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust

The Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust (SPRET), a registered charity, was established in 1944 by the late Sir Philip Reckitt.


The Trust was established in 1944 by the late Sir Philip Reckitt. Sir Philip was a former chairman of Reckitt and Sons Limited and he had always taken a great interest in educational matters particularly for the benefit the Company's employees. The Trust is a registered charity (Registered Number 529777).


The object of the Trust is to assist with education in the languages, business methods, social services and customs of any country or in any other subject by contributing towards the cost of travel (excluding regular commuter type travel), residence and attendance at conferences, lectures and educational courses.


Applications must be made on the official forms. Applicants must clearly outline the nature of the project for which a grant is being sought (if necessary applicants should attach a single sheet of A4 giving such further details as they consider appropriate). All applications must be supported by the Applicant's school, college or university. Other Applicants need the support of their employer or a suitable referee with whom the Trustees can communicate. Awards will normally be made upon an individual basis and not to groups, exploration societies or expeditions

1. All applications must have the support of your Head Teacher, Principal, or Employer, who should comment upon the application and provide a personal reference. If you are connected with the University of Hull or the University of East Anglia your application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the appropriate Head of Department or Vice Chancellor.

2. Applications received less than six weeks prior to the proposed date of departure will not normally be considered.

3. Repeat applications for identical activities are not normally considered.

It is a condition of any award made by the Trustees that all successful Applicants provide a report upon the project in respect of which the award is made within 3 months of the conclusion of the project or course of study. The Trustees wish to underline this obligation to Applicants and those supporting the application in order to avoid the unnecessary expense and inconvenience of "chasing" these reports.

Applications and other correspondence should be addressed to the Trustees as follows:-

(a) East Riding of Yorkshire Applicants;
The Trustees, Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust, c/o Rollits LLP, Forsyth House, Alpha Court, Monks Cross, York YO32 9WN
Email applications to: christine.atherton@rollits.com

(b) County of Norfolk Applicants;
The Trustees, Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust, c/o Mrs J Pickering, 99 Yarmouth Road, Ellingham. Bungay, NR35 2PH
Email applications to: spretrust@googlemail.com

The Trust accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injuries which arise directly or indirectly from activities undertaken by you as a result of a grant given by the Trust. All recipients of grants are strongly recommended to ensure they have appropriate insurance cover for activities covered by the grant and to take professional advice as to cover they should obtain.

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